Atlanta Growing Leadership Of Women (GLOW), Inc.


Organization Name Atlanta Growing Leadership Of Women (GLOW), Inc.
Initial Tier Ranking 1
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap $55,200
c3 Voter Registration Gap $55,200
c4 Voter Registration Gap N/A
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 12/2/2023 17:34:31
Program Summary “EmpowHer the Vote” is a grassroots initiative centered on dismantling voting obstacles for young, female
voters of color (ages 18-25) in the 29-county Atlanta metropolitan statistical area.
Program States GA
Program States old Georgia
Cost per VR card Historically, Atlanta GLOW’s primary youth voter engagement strategies focus on voter education, empowerment and engagement (informing and getting young female voters to the polls), thus our voter engagement efforts significantly outweigh our voter registration impact. We quantify our impact based on voter engagement and voting participation as collectively measured by voter pledges, voter registration, confirmed social impressions, event attendance and communication touch points. We estimate our EmpowHer the Vote initiative’s reach will be 20,000 eligible voting-age individuals through these traditional means. Thus our projected FY24 dollar per completed voter engagement is $76,200 / 20,000 individuals = $3.81 per voter. Should a runoff election occur in December 3, 2024, this figure may be adjusted as activities are expanded and additional funding needs identified.
Reported Cost per VR Card Did not say
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CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card They provided cost per voter engaged, not registered.
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RYVF Overlay Youth, BIPOC
RYVF Score 2
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Organization Mission Statement Atlanta GLOW’s mission is to encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities.

Atlanta GLOW’s vision is to reduce the rate of women and children living in poverty by creating pathways to economic mobility and by mobilizing women to advocate for systemic change.

Organization Leadership Black-led, BIPOC-led, Women-led, Youth-led (aged 15-35)
Lead Contact Name Ashlie James
Lead Contact Title Executive Director
Lead Contact Email
Lead Contact Phone 404-277-1234
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program Women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People Of Color), Youth and Students (aged 15-35)
Issue Focus “EmpowHer the Vote” is a grassroots initiative centered on dismantling voting obstacles for young, female voters of color (ages 18-25) in the 29-county Atlanta metropolitan statistical area. This initiative, in collaboration with local community partners, prioritizes tailored educational seminars, accessible voter empowerment initiatives, and active advocacy for policy changes. Through technology integration, it offers a user-friendly GOTV webpage providing crucial election information, polling locations, accessibility resources and real-time updates. Moreover, our initiative establishes mentorship and leadership development through a civic engagement fellowship, training and engaging young Black leaders as paid ambassadors to navigate voting intricacies and advocate for change. By targeting systemic challenges, from voter suppression tactics to logistical barriers, EmpowHer the Vote seeks to ensure inclusive representation, nurturing a generation of informed and empowered young female voters of color who wield their voices in shaping an equitable and vibrant future for all. Atlanta GLOW augments its voter engagement efforts by training and deploying youth fellows adept in relational organizing strategies. These fellows, drawn from diverse communities, undergo comprehensive training sessions focused on voter education, mobilization tactics, and effective community engagement. Equipped with these skills, they spearhead localized outreach initiatives within their respective neighborhoods, using their networks to amplify voter registration messages. These youth fellows will organize events, text banking, literature distribution, and peer-to-peer discussions, fostering trust and enthusiasm for civic participation among their peers. Their relational approach ensures a personalized connection, transcending barriers and encouraging sustained voter engagement. By leveraging the passion and influence of these empowered youth leaders, Atlanta GLOW exponentially amplifies its impact, fostering a grassroots movement that empowers and mobilizes female, young voters of color across communities leading up to the November 2024 presidential election.
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards Project Title: EmpowHer the Vote OVERVIEW: Our initiative aims to empower and mobilize young, female voters of color across metro Atlanta communities to participate in the democratic process by casting their votes. With a focus on engaging and educating the youth, our initiative seeks to increase voter turnout and encourage informed decision-making among this vital demographic. OBJECTIVES: 1. Engagement: Reach out to young individuals aged 18-25 through social media, community events, and educational workshops to emphasize the importance of voting. 2. Education: Provide comprehensive resources on the electoral process, candidates’ platforms, and key issues to enable informed voting decisions. 3. Empowerment: Foster a sense of empowerment and agency among young voters by highlighting their collective impact on shaping the future through voting. 4. Accessibility: Address barriers to voting by offering information on registration, absentee ballots, polling locations, and transportation options. CORE STRATEGIES: • Digital Campaign: Utilize social media platforms, engaging content, and interactive challenges to spread awareness and encourage voter registration. • Voter Engagement Fellowship/Relational Organizing: Launch a fellowship program that recruits and trains young leaders as ambassadors for voter engagement. These paid fellows will serve as advocates within their communities, organizing events, facilitating workshops, and leveraging their social networks to promote voter participation. • Community Workshops: Organize informational sessions, seminars, and panel discussions in schools, colleges, and community centers to educate on the voting process and its significance. • Youth-Centric Events: Host events tailored to young voters, such as debate watch parties and outreach events at popular youth hangouts. • Partnerships: Collaborate with local organizations, influencers, and civic groups to amplify our outreach and access different networks within the community. • Volunteer Mobilization: Recruit and train volunteers to assist in voter registration drives, outreach efforts, and providing assistance during the election period. VOTER ENGAGEMENT FELLOWSHIP STRATEGIES: • Recruitment: Advertise fellowship opportunities through educational institutions, online platforms, and community organizations. Emphasize the importance of civic engagement and the unique role fellows will play in driving youth voter turnout. • Training: Provide comprehensive training sessions covering voter engagement/registration strategies, effective communication strategies, and leadership skills. Equip fellows with the knowledge and tools to engage their peers. • Community Action Projects: Empower fellows to design and implement community-specific projects that promote voter engagement. These projects may include organizing workshops and youth-centric events, participating in text banking, creating educational materials, or running local awareness campaigns. • Mentorship: Pairing fellows with mentors, ideally an experienced community leaders or political activists, to provide guidance and support throughout the fellowship duration. • Recognition and Incentives: Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of fellows through paid stipends, recognition events, event funding and certificates of completion. OUTCOMES: 1. Increased voter participation and turnout among the youth demographic in targeted regions. 2. Heightened awareness and understanding of political processes, candidates, and local issues. 3. Strengthened community engagement and participation in civic duties beyond voting, fostering a culture of active citizenship. 4. Long-term impact through the cultivation of a new generation of informed and engaged voters. 5. Increased visibility and credibility of the campaign through the personal connections established by fellows in their communities. 6. Strengthened peer-to-peer communication on the importance of voting, resulting in higher voting participation rates. 7. Empowerment and skill development among the fellowship participants, contributing to their long-term leadership potential. 8. Sustainable impact on voter engagement beyond the immediate campaign period through the establishment of a network of informed and motivated young leaders. BUDGET: The budget for this initiative will cover outreach materials, digital and physical advertising, text banking platforms, voter lists, venue rentals, staffing, event supplies, ambassador training and stipends, and other supporting operational expenses. Limited fundraising efforts, grants, individual donations, and partnerships with local businesses and organizations will supplement the budget. SUMMARY: By harnessing the energy and passion of young individuals, we aim to create a lasting impact on our democracy, ensuring that the voices of the youth are heard and counted in the decisions that shape our future. Our education, empowerment and outreach initiatives combined with our youth voter engagement fellowship adds a dynamic and personalized approach to our strategy, leveraging the passion and influence of young leaders to inspire and mobilize their peers in the collective effort to get out the vote.
Geographic Focus Rural, Suburban / Ex-urban, Small city (<100k), Urban - Large city (>100k)
Jurisdictional Focus We serve the 29-county Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area
Program Budgets EmpowHer the Vote Project Budget (501c3, 29-County Region)

The budget for this initiative will cover outreach materials, digital and physical advertising, text banking platforms, voter lists, venue rentals, staffing, event supplies, ambassador training and stipends, and other supporting operational expenses for the primary and general presidential elections. Limited fundraising efforts, grants, individual donations, and partnerships with local businesses and organizations will supplement the budget.

Projected Expenses Amount
Project Director (10% FTE) $10,200.00
Program Coordinator (50% FTE) $18,720.00
Fellowship Stipends $5,000.00
Marketing Materials $7,500.00
Advertising $6,000.00
Text Banking $5,000.00
Voter Lists $300.00
Venue Rentals $6,000.00
Event Supplies $5,000.00
Operational Expenses $12,480.00
TOTAL $76,200.00

Projected Income Amount
General Operating Grants $15,000.00
Corporate Champions $1,000.00
In-Kind Contributions $5,000.00
TOTAL $21,000.00


Budget gaps TOTAL 501c3 Funding Gap = $55,200.00 [Low CaPA Funding Ask (Abbreviated) = $28,720.00, Mid CaPA Funding Ask (Midrange) = $41,960.00, High CaPA Funding Ask (Ideal) = $55,200.00]
Partnerships EmpowHer the Vote will orchestrate a comprehensive collaboration with various entities to host ongoing voter education and outreach events aimed at registering young voters of color, ages 18-25, ahead of the November 2024 presidential election, including participation in the primary elections leading up to the presidential election. Community agencies will collaborate by organizing outreach events, town halls, and neighborhood gatherings focused on voter education and registration. Atlanta GLOW ensures these monthly initiatives sustain momentum, employing a diverse range of training and capacity building strategies across educational, religious, healthcare, and community sectors, empowering young voters of color with the tools and knowledge to actively participate in shaping the future through the upcoming presidential primary and general presidential elections. Partnering with high schools, Atlanta GLOW will design interactive sessions within the curriculum, educating students on the importance of civic engagement and facilitating voter registration for eligible youth. Simultaneously, universities will be engaged as hubs for registration drives, utilizing campus events, student organizations, and online platforms to educate and engage eligible voters. Further, churches will serve as pivotal community spaces where Atlanta GLOW will facilitate voter information and registration drives during congregational gatherings, intertwining civic responsibility with faith-based activities. Leveraging our state’s three Medicaid providers, Atlanta GLOW will integrate outreach into healthcare access points, reaching individuals during their medical visits.
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