Forward Montana (c4), Forward Montana Voter Fund (527)


Organization Name Forward Montana (c4), Forward Montana Voter Fund (527)
Initial Tier Ranking 1
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap $250,000
c3 Voter Registration Gap
c4 Voter Registration Gap $250,000
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 11/13/2023 16:37:25
Program Summary Registering young people, especially those from LGBTQ and BIPOC communties, at community events and through door-to-door canvassing in neighborhoods with high density of frequent movers. Also will run a high school leadership program (which includes school voter registration drives) and partner with Vote Rev to have young people encourage friends to register.
Program States MT
Program States old Montana
Cost per VR card $65
Reported Cost per VR Card $65.00
Cost-card believability
CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card They provided estimate in email when I’d asked them to include overhead.
Estimated Cost per VR Card $58.50
Adjustment made for cost-card
RYVF Overlay Youth, LGBTQ+
RYVF Score 1
Pooled Grant Givers Movement Voter Project, Rural Democracy Initiative, America Votes
Organization’s Legal Status
2022 or 2023 Expenses
2024 Budgets
Organization Mission Statement Forward Montana Foundation educates, engages, and organizes young Montanans to shape their democracy to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow Montanans.

Forward Montana builds political power with and for young Montanans. That means empowering everyday folks to get involved and make their voices heard — from registering to vote to running for office, and everything in between.

FMT Voter Fund elects candidates that reflect young Montanans’ values, experiences, and vision for our state.

Organization Leadership BIPOC-led, Women-led, Queer-led, Youth-led (aged 15-35)
Lead Contact Name Kiersten Iwai
Lead Contact Title Executive Director
Lead Contact Email
Lead Contact Phone 4065952820
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns she/her
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program LGBTQ+, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People Of Color), Youth and Students (aged 15-35)
Issue Focus While we don’t center issues in our voter registration conversations, we do seek out locations and events that align with our issue priorities: housing, LGBTQ+ equality, voting rights, and the environment. This means that we prioritize registering voters at events like a climate justice rally or a drag show when we build our program plans.
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards for young Montanans. During the 2024 cycle, Forward Montana and Forward Montana Foundation are committing to the ambitious goal of registering 10,000 voters statewide and mobilizing them to vote in the 2024 election. Across all of our tactics, our organizers center meeting young people where they are, literally, by registering voters on campus, at home, at community events, and online. In addition to site-based registration at community events, we’ll be engaged in door-to-door canvassing in neighborhoods with a high density of frequent movers. Layered with these direct voter contact methods will be mail, especially to young voters who have become inactive or who are not currently registered to vote by mail, and digital ads driving people to register using the online voter registration portal. We’ll be conducting direct contact with voters who need to reactivate their registration following our mail piece. This direct voter contact will include phone calls, text messages and be layers with digital. In addition to these tried and true tactics, we engage the newest voters through our high school leadership program, which includes three components: our Underage Democracy classroom lessons, our high school fellowship, and Democracy Days. Democracy Days is our high school voter registration initiative wherein we work with educators and students to organize voter registration drives in their schools. In 2024, we’ll be launching an experimental relational organizing voter registration program alongside Vote Rev. The program leverages the online voter registration portal to motivate young Montanans to encourage their friends to register to vote. We’ll work with Vote Rev to develop an experiment and look forward to sharing the results with other practitioners to inform future programs.
Geographic Focus Rural, Small city (<100k), Urban - Large city (>100k)
Jurisdictional Focus Statewide program
Program Budgets Forward Montana
Missoula County – $145,000 ($120k Site-based outreach, $25k – Canvassing)
Gallatin County – $145,000 ($120k Site-based outreach, $25k – Canvassing)
Yellowstone County – $60,000 ($60k – Site-based outreach)
Flathead County -$40,000 ($40k – Site-based outreach)
Great Falls – $30,000 ($30k – Site-based outreach)
Havre – $5,000 ($5k – Site-based outreach)
Butte- $40,000 ($40k –Site-based outreach)
Dillon – $5,000 ($5k – Site-based outreach)
Helena – $30,000 ($30k – Site-based outreach)

Forward Montana Foundation – $35,000 ($10k Democracy Days, $24k mailing)
Forward Montana – $615,000 ($30k Relational organizing program, $75k mailing, $450k Site-based outreach, $50,000 canvassing)

Budget gaps Forward Montana Missoula County – $145,000 Gallatin County – $145,000 Yellowstone County – $60,000 Flathead County -$40,000 Great Falls – $30,000 Havre – $5,000 Butte- $40,000 Dillon – $5,000 Helena – $30,000 Statewide Forward Montana Foundation – $25,000 Forward Montana – $540,000
Partnerships In 2023, the estimated cost per voter registration form collected by our team is $55.18. Our staff track their time by activity. To get this number, we took the total expenses in VR, including staff time, and divided it by the number of VR forms. We then multiplied our budget by that percentage. We then divided that total number by the number of voter registration forms collected. As we look toward 2024, we do imagine that the cost per voter registration will rise due to increased cost of living and to match the salaries of groups also conducting field VR. We have substantial plans for expansion of our organizing team into Dillon, Butte, Great Falls, and Helena in 2024. While this expansion will provide new opportunities to register voters, our new organizers will need to spend time growing their networks and building trust in the community.
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Follow up questions Page emailed about cost per card 2/8
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Org Type 1 $3
Org Size 1 $2
Program Impact 1 $1
Program Efficiency 1 $3
Leadership & engagement 1
Ideological Targeting 1 $2
Creative 1 $1
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How many voter registration cards does your organization plan to collect in 2024
RDI c3 Awards $50,000
RDI c4 Awards (as of 2/28)
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