Ohio Alliance for community Education (Ohio ACE)


Organization Name Ohio Alliance for community Education (Ohio ACE)
Initial Tier Ranking 1
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap $397,020
c3 Voter Registration Gap
c4 Voter Registration Gap
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 11/13/2023 18:51:05
Program Summary Hip Hop voter registration bus will travel to urban and suburban areas to reach diverse youth populations, often in collaboration with organizations, local businesses and schools. Their team will create marketing materials and collaborate with the media to increase the campaign’s visibility and get more registrations.
Program States OH
Program States old Ohio
Cost per VR card Example 30-day project. 129.5 staff working hours. 6 workers. 1078 VR forms
Total cost per form $69.57
Reported Cost per VR Card $69.57
Cost-card believability
CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card They seem to be dividing the total staffing costs by expected number of VRs, but do not provide a breakdown of the staffing expenses (and whether it includes admin/overhead) nor a justification for their VR goal. They did provide a detailed org budget so I believe they have a very solid handle on their projected expenses, but it’s not immediately clear how that informs this cost per card estimate.
Estimated Cost per VR Card 62.61
Adjustment made for cost-card
RYVF Overlay Black, Urban
RYVF Score 1
Pooled Grant Givers America Votes, Ohio Progressive Collaborative, Ohio Women’s Alliance, Made to Save, National AFL-CIO and Ohio AFL-CIO, OEA
Organization’s Legal Status
2022 or 2023 Expenses
2024 Budgets
Organization Mission Statement Ohio Alliance for Community Education is a service-based organization that prides itself on building strong community connections amongst Black and Brown residents in the Greater Cleveland area. By engaging, educating and empowering people in their civic lives. We aim to create equal opportunity to thrive and prosper in their surrounding neighborhoods by connecting the issues that have an effect on their everyday lives.
Organization Leadership Black-led, Women-led
Lead Contact Name Davida Russell
Lead Contact Title CEO
Lead Contact Email ohioace1@gmail.com or ladydrussell@gmail.com
Lead Contact Phone 2164092052
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns (She/Hers)
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program Black, Women, Youth and Students (aged 15-35)
Issue Focus Voters rights and Voter suppression, Economic equity and opportunity and Criminal justice reform.
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards It’s important to note that tactics related to voter registration should be legal, ethical and respectful of individual’s rights and privacy. Our interest in promoting voter registration within the context of a hip hop voter registration bus is to organize events, concerts or gatherings where we can provide information about the importance of voting and assisting individual in the registration process. Collaborate with Local community organizations, hip hop artists, and influences to create a positive and engaging atmosphere that encourage civic participation.
Geographic Focus Suburban / Ex-urban, Small city (<100k), Urban - Large city (>100k)
Jurisdictional Focus The greater Cleveland area. throughout Cuyahoga County.
Program Budgets Budget attached.
Budget gaps Budget attached: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W2u-eDhAP5qz3mpxF_0sDKVEBNv0NB1E/edit
Partnerships Ohio Progressive Collaborative
Follow up call requested?
Follow up questions
Question Sent Date
Question Response
Response Date
Org Type 1 2
Org Size 1 1
Program Impact 1 1
Program Efficiency 1 3
Leadership & engagement 1
Ideological Targeting 1 2
Creative 1 1
Impact of previous Voter Registration programs
How many voter registration cards does your organization plan to collect in 2024
RDI c3 Awards
RDI c4 Awards (as of 2/28)
After AQ first2
last 2 confidential