Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund


Organization Name Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund
Initial Tier Ranking 1
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap 190000
c3 Voter Registration Gap N/A
c4 Voter Registration Gap 190000
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 45243.54619
Program Summary Statewide program to register BIPOC and youth voters, especially women of color, through events, relatonal organizing, mail, phone and text.
Program States OH
Program States old Ohio
Cost per VR card Based upon our C4 voter registration mailer program, the unit cost per mailer was $1.70. That cost included the data procuring and union printing and postage of a one-sided card. The total mailer and text chase program, including administration fees, cost $37,164.
Reported Cost per VR Card Did not say
Cost-card believability
CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card They provided a cost per VR mailer, not cost per actual registration.
Estimated Cost per VR Card
Adjustment made for cost-card
RYVF Overlay Black, BIPOC, Rural
RYVF Score 2
Pooled Grant Givers Movement Voter Project, America Votes
Organization’s Legal Status
2022 or 2023 Expenses
2024 Budgets
Organization Mission Statement The purpose of Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund (OWA Action Fund) is to build capacity for women, and gender-expansive folks—particularly Black women—to determine the lives they want for themselves, their families, and their communities through the electoral process. The OWA Action Fund creates a more sustainable movement through voter protection and education, civic engagement, and the endorsement of candidates that align with our values.
Organization Leadership Black-led, BIPOC-led, Women-led
Lead Contact Name Rhiannon Carnes
Lead Contact Title Co-Founder and Executive Director
Lead Contact Email rhiannon@ohiowomensalliance.org
Lead Contact Phone (614) 285 4433
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns She/her
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program Black, Women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People Of Color)
Issue Focus OWA Action Fund is committed to civic engagement and voter registration through a Reproductive Justice lens.
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards For the past three election cycles, Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund (OWA Action Fund) has run one of the largest paid phone banking programs in Ohio’s C4 progressive advocacy coalition as well as a robust relational organizing and door program. As we approach the next election cycle, OWA Action Fund has the infrastructure in place to increase contact with non-registered voters, clean and update Ohio’s voter rolls, expand our electorate, and ensure that as many Ohioans have their voice heard as possible. As a trusted messenger with young people and communities of color, OWA Action Fund is well positioned to scale existing programming to target Ohioans who identify as non-white and/or under the age of 35. The total cost to run this program would be $99,784. To begin engaging with BIPOC, young people, women, and gender-expansive voters, we will comprehensive voter education events with constituents on the importance of voting, especially following our recent victory. This will require a voter outreach program to groups with young people and BIPOC, layered with relational organizing and voter registration. Following our recent victory with the passing of Issue 1, which firmly instates reproductive rights including abortion in Ohio’s Constitution, we have seen the collective impact and power that our communities have. OWA Action Fund ran the largest phone program in the Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights (OURR) coalition, contacting 1.35 million voters. Additionally, OWA Action Fund launched our inaugural door canvassing program, where we knocked 18,932 doors, sent thousands of texts, and had countless community events to mobilize our base. Through our collective outreach, we grew our membership base by 4,800 supporters. We conducted a C4 voter registration mail program targeting 21,043 unregistered likely liberal women of color between the ages of 17 to 45, which garned 167 new voters to the rolls. Additionally, we worked with Movement Labs to execute a large text program that contacted thousands of voters and resulted in registration of hundreds of voters. Our strategies resulted in 83% of Black voters voting YES in November.
Geographic Focus Rural, Suburban / Ex-urban, Small city (<100k), Urban - Large city (>100k)
Jurisdictional Focus
Program Budgets The budget below is comprehensive of all of OWA Action Fund’s programmatic expenses including all voter registration and relational organizing activities. At this time for 2024, OWA Action Fund will be doing statewide programming and does not have specific plans to concentrate programming within specific cities or counties. Given we and our other C3 and C4 partners just came off the 2023 cycle with the Reproductive Freedom Ballot Initiative, in the weeks to come we will be analyzing the results and getting more granular with our 2024 plans, strategies, and tactics. OWA Action Fund remains committed to engaging, registering, and mobilizing Black and other voters of color across the State of Ohio.

Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund C&P C4 Budget 2024
Cumulative Budget

Executive Director
Director of Communications
Director of Campaigns
Director of Finance & Operations
Deputy Director
Manager of Social Impact
Communications & Data Manager (to be hired)
State Organizing Manager (to be hired)

1099 Contractors
C4 Door Program Contractors (10 Canvassers @ $30/hr, 3 Team Leads @ $35/hr)
C4 Virtual Phone Contractors (20 Canvassers @ $20/hr, 1 Team Lead @ $22/hr)

Legal & Compliance
Program Technology, Software, and Supplies (Tablets, Hotspots, Data, Callhub Credits, EveryAction etc.)
Communications (Including Paid Media, C4 VR Mailer), Marketing, & Swag
Payroll Administration


Budget gaps Our overall C4 direct voter contact program is currently sitting at an approximate budget gap of $190,000. The budget provided includes staff salaries and additional overhead expenses, which may contribute to the inflated gap. Again, this is for a robust, statewide program that includes phones, doors, community-based events, and a statewide voter registration mailer with multiple passes. For context, OWA Action Funds 2024 C4 voter registration mailer program for the Reproductive Freedom Ballot was a statewide mailer, targeting 21,043 unregistered likely liberal women of color between the ages of 17 to 45. The unit cost of each individual mailer was $1.70, costing $35,805. We also conducted a three flight text chase program that cost $2,547.24.
Partnerships America Votes – C4 Ohio Voice – C3 Civitech – C4 Movement Labs- C4
Follow up call requested?
Follow up questions Please confirm your gap for voter registration work specifically, as the number provided in the proposal was for the overall c4 direct voter contact program. Please also confirm the cost per registration (not cost per mailer).
Question Sent Date January 19th, 2024, 2nd check in January 30, 2024
Question Response Based on the previously submitted proposal and budget, the gap for voter registration activity is $22,948. That is the cost of the canvasser labor and the tools needed to execute the work. This proposal was, and still is, dependent on a funding opportunity.
For your understanding of our program, this proposal was not meant for a mail campaign to contact unregistered voters. Rather, we would call through a list of 50k BIPOC voters to ensure their voter registration information is accurate and that they will be able to cast their ballot before or on E day, given Ohio’s new voter ID requirements.
OWA is very well poised to scale and add new tactics so if C&P is interested in a mailer program, we can provide a proposal for a mail-specific campaign.
Response Date January 31st, 2024
Org Type 1 2
Org Size 1 1
Program Impact 1 1
Program Efficiency 1 1
Leadership & engagement 1
Ideological Targeting 1 1
Creative 1 1.25
Impact of previous Voter Registration programs
How many voter registration cards does your organization plan to collect in 2024
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