Grassroots Organizing Toolkit

Messaging Guide for Youth Voters in rural and suburban Areas

More than 30 million youth (ages 18–39) live in rural and suburban areas. These voters can make all the difference in close elections, but they have lower voting rates and are often ignored by politicians and campaigns. 

CaPA has completed extensive research into the undecided and infrequent young voters, who live in small towns and suburbs. Though they lean “green” this segment of young voters are less sure about voting and are less partisan than youth in urban areas. We call this segment the “Ambivalent Young Voters.” We’ve tested a bunch of messages and strategies for getting this group of young voters motivated to take action and packaged up our findings into two helpful guides. The Youth Messaging Guidebook provides an in-depth explanation of the messages and strategies that we found work best on Ambivalent Young Voters, and the Youth BattleCard condenses key themes into a mobile-format, perfect for advocates to operationalize in the field.

Also, check out our public target region maps for Arizona, North Carolina, Iowa, and Georgia.

Texting and Digital Organizing Tools

Tools like OutreachCircle and GetThru enable organizations to use texting and calling to reach their supporters and turn them into activists. With Covid-19 limiting opportunities for in-person organizing, it’s more important than ever that organizations take advantage of platforms like OutreachCircle and GetThru. GetThru works by allowing volunteers to rapidly text and call your supporter list, without having to use an impersonal broadcast message. OutreachCircle then lets your supporters text, email, and post on social media to reach their own personal networks quickly and easily. Email to learn more about joining CaPA’s OutreachCircle and GetThru networks.

North Carolina Voting Locations Map

With North Carolina as CaPA’s #1 target state, we have generated a map of all in-person voting locations in the state. See instructions for using the map here. The GIS map is set up to display “one-stop voting locations” which can be used to register and vote simultaneously between October 15th and October 31st. The voting location addresses can be accessed by clicking on the desired dot on the map.

Get Your Supporters Signed up to Vote by Mail

CaPA encourages the use of to get your supporters registered and signed up to vote by mail. CaPA can work with you to create a custom widget to embed on your website to get your supporters signed up quickly and easily.

CaPA partner Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released a comprehensive state-by-state summary of voting rules and absentee ballot procedures. EDF is regularly updating this page so check back periodically.

Watch a one-minute training video on installing the easy to use widgets.’s Plan Your Vote campaign helps encourage voter participation by developing a free library of voting advocacy images created by artists, as well as a #VoteReady SocialPressKit. In addition, provides information about state voter registration deadlines, ballot request deadlines, early voting dates, a calendar of key activation dates, and a voter resources toolkit.

District Specific Climate Messaging Resources

Climate Cabinet knows that climate change will be a defining issue for every policymaker elected on November 3rd, 2020. Climate Cabinet’s Activism Toolkit provides grassroots organizations and candidates climate talking points, messaging, and platforms tailored to every Congressional district in America, as well as to hundreds of state legislature seats.

CEEP’s Plethora of Fantastic Free Resources

The national nonpartisan Campus Election Engagement Project has produced multiple helpful videos detailing how voting by mail can play a critical role in the age of COVID-19. And check out their awesome non-partisan voter guides which can help young voters navigate voting up and down the ballot. 

Boost Your Social With Motivating Content

CaPA produced this open-source video which can be downloaded, edited and used as background video or directly shared. Download the video here.

You can also check out some excellent content from our partners to share or inspire your own social campaigns.

Share how to vote in every state with these 3 minute videos.

CAPA Partner ACE has a host of great videos:

Faith Focused Climate 1 Minute Video from Grantee North Carolina Council of Churches

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