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Round One Grantee Testimonial

Since receiving funding from CaPA’s first round of grants, our 12 grantees have been up to some impressive work! Watch this 3-minute video to see how CaPA’s support empowered these organizations.

Click these links to see how these forty three amazing grassroots organizations are putting CaPA grants to work within these eleven States: North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania, Montana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Alliance for Climate Education

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) was founded in 2008 with the mission to educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action. Over the last decade, ACE has educated over 3.5 million youth, grown our action network to nearly 300,000 members, tracked over 1 million climate actions, and registered and turned out tens of thousands of diverse youth voters with a message of climate justice and urgency.



Chispa Arizona:

Chispa Arizona’s mission is to build the capacity of the Latino community to influence policy makers and protect communities’ rights to clean air and water, healthy neighborhoods and a safe climate for generations to come. Through grassroots community organizing, issue campaigns, and civic engagement, Chispa Arizona is creating local wins that collectively create momentum for strong action on climate change. We are empowering Latino families to demand accountability from decision‑makers who have turned a blind eye to environmental racism and disparities in their communities.



Climate Reality Action Fund:

The Climate Reality Action Fund is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore to force climate action to the top of the political agenda. With 10 years to halve fossil fuel emissions and prevent climate catastrophe, our country needs leaders with the courage to act. The Action Fund is building a national movement of climate voters and mobilizing young people to vote for their future and support real solutions. Our message is clear: If our leaders won’t confront the crisis that threatens us all, it’s time for leaders who will.



Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania:

Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is the statewide political voice for the environment. We elect environmentally responsible candidates to state and local offices, advocate for strong environmental policies, and hold our elected officials accountable to safeguard the health of our communities, the beauty of our state, and the strength of our economy.




Comunidades Organizando el Poder y la Acción Latina (COPAL) is a membership-based organization with a mission to unite Latinxs in Minnesota in active grassroots communal democracy that builds racial, gender, social and economic justice across community lines. Since launching in 2018, the organization has grown to include 10 staff members, a base of 150+ volunteers, and over 12,000 supporters across the state. COPAL works on key issues for the Latinx community, including: Immigration, Environment, Education and Democracy, and prioritizes grassroots leadership development in all its campaigns.



Engage Miami:

Engage Miami builds the political power of young people in South Florida through voter engagement, civic leadership, organizing campaigns and by building a community that is just, sustainable, and democratic. Our work will contribute to further recognition of the urgency of climate change and the impact of this election, and will build a cohesive youth voting bloc organized enough to turn out for every election and show our collective power.



Environment North Carolina:

Environment North Carolina works for clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife, open spaces, and a livable climate. Our policy staff, organizers and outreach teams work together to win real results. We investigate problems, craft solutions, educate the public and decision-makers, and help people make their voices heard. We are part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to getting things done.



Seeding Sovereignty:

In a time of climate crisis, Seeding Sovereignty, an Indigenous womxn and LGBTQIA+ led collective, works to displace colonial-capitalist paradigms with Indigenous ideologies and practices for a more regenerative and compassionate world.



Zero Hour and National Children’s Campaign:

Zero Hour is a youth-led movement that fights for climate justice and works to bring the perspectives of youth and disproportionately impacted communities into the global movement towards climate action. Throughout the past year, we ran our Getting to the Roots of Climate Change Education Campaign to teach youth about the root causes of social injustice that have led to this crisis, and how we can advocate for a Just Transition away from Fossil Fuels.

The National Children’s Campaign’s (NCC) mission is to serve as a catalyst to inspire, encourage and empower everyone to make America’s children & youth a national priority. We promote health, education, safety, & environmental security through the power of advocacy, media and partnerships. The NCC has passed over 100 climate resolutions across the country.

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Campus Election Engagement Project

Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) is a national nonpartisan project that helps administrators, faculty, staff and student leaders at America’s colleges and universities engage students in federal, state and local elections, working to promote a more equitable and inclusive democracy, and to overcome the ever-changing barriers to voting.



Center for American Progress Action Fund

The Center for American Progress Action Fund is an independent, nonpartisan policy institute and advocacy organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans, through bold, progressive ideas, as well as strong leadership and concerted action.



Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy (CASE)

CASE Action Fund is an economic justice organization dedicated to improving the lives of Arizona’s working families through policy advocacy and increasing participation in the political process.



Climate Cabinet:

Climate Cabinet is a tech-enabled climate action resource. We use underleveraged climate data to support candidates and organizations that need local, targeted climate information. Climate Cabinet increases organizations’ capacity – enabling tailored climate communications at a broad scale.



Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians inspires and trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements using art, storytelling, civic engagement, and direct action. Now a global force, EG provides a platform for hundreds of youth crews involving thousands of young people to engage in some of the greatest issues we face as a global community. EG has trained 10,000 youth leaders through 300 on-the-ground crews located in over 60 countries. Youth actions include lawsuits against US and international governments for climate change inaction, climate strikes, campaigns against fracking and oil pipelines, get-out-the-youth-vote drives, and more.



Environment Georgia

Environment Georgia’s mission is to transform the power of our imaginations and our ideas into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place for all. Our staff work together for clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife and open spaces, and a livable climate. Our members put grassroots support behind our research and advocacy.



Flip the West

Flip the West is a grassroots campaign organization with a straightforward mission: help Democrats win back the Senate in 2020 by harnessing grassroots energy in deep blue areas and turning it into strategic electoral action in red and purple states. We have thousands of

individual volunteers and a FlipForce of over 210 activist groups that make direct voter contact through phone calls, texts, and personalized postcards (and canvassing in better times). With a focus on races in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana, Flip the West has already made over 5.5 million voter contacts.



Forward Montana

Forward Montana builds political power with and for young Montanans by driving a culture of civic engagement, and electing leaders and passing policies that are representative of the needs and vision of our generation. Forward Montana provides young people with the tools they need to engage with all levels of government, from registering to vote to casting a ballot, and to advocating for policies they believe in.



Future Generations Victory Fund

Future Generations is led by the Seventh Generations philosophy held in common by traditional peoples — our ancestors around the world that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world for at least seven generations into the future. While historically it has been used to describe our relationship with the environment – understanding that economic, racial, housing, and healthcare justice, are undeniably interconnected, is crucial. We work nationwide with grassroots organizations to support, recruit, train, and endorse candidates who will commit to secure a just and livable planet for generations to come.



Gateway Community Services Maine

Gateway Community Services Maine’s mission is to encourage, support and build healthy connections within oneself and others in order to promote vibrancy and well-being, along with welcoming communities where all people feel accepted, valued and have a sense of belonging. Our vision for the future is to make Maine an inclusive and meaningful home for all – a place where communities are connected, and all people thrive.



Generation Progress Action

Generation Progress Action is a national advocacy and education organization that promotes progressive solutions to the political and social issues that matter to young people between the ages of 18 and 35. We uplift the voices and leadership of young people to ensure that their perspectives and needs are represented in policy-making spaces at all levels of government. We focus our efforts on climate change, gun violence, immigration, student debt, and the criminal legal system. We view voting as a key component of grassroots advocacy. Generation Progress Action is housed within the Center for American Progress Action Fund.



Great Plains Action Society

Great Plains Action Society/Indigenous Iowa is a collective of Indigenous organizers working for environmental and social justice for the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains region. By implementing traditional ideologies, we strive to resist and Indigenize colonial institutions, frameworks, and behaviors. We aim to be good stewards of the land and good relatives to the people. We do the work that needs to be done.  Our homelands are located in the vast grassland of Turtle Island, situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River and stretching from the Northern Tundra to the Gulf of Mexico.



Greater Agusta’s Interfaith Coalition

The Greater Augusta Interfaith Coalition celebrates religious freedom by championing individual rights, promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism and complacency.



Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA)

The Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona was established in 1952 to provide a united voice for tribal governments located in the State of Arizona to address common issues of concerns. On July 9, 1975, the council established a private, non-profit corporation to promote Indian self-reliance through public policy development. The goal of ITCA and its commitment to the member tribes is to ensure the self-determination of Indian tribal governments through their participation in the development of the policies and programs which affect their lives.


Iowa Student Action:

Iowa Student Action (ISA) is a statewide student organization fighting for an Iowa that puts people and planet before profits. At the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, Grinnell College, Cornell College, and Drake University, ISA uses direct action, electoral organizing, and leadership development to train the next generation of community organizers and win big around Free College for All. Our vision of free higher education includes formerly incarcerated and undocumented students and the full cancellation of student debt.

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Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) organizes low- and moderate-income and minority families to take action on the issues most important to them and advance the cause of social and economic justice for all. Working in collaboration with our sister organization, ACE, LUCHA incorporates leadership development with grassroots issue-based campaigns, advocacy and civic engagement, to create an Arizona in which every resident has an equal voice in determining the policies and shaping the decision-making bodies that will govern our communal life.



North Carolina Asian Americans Together

North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to supporting equity and justice for all by fostering community among Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) and allies in NC through civic engagement, leadership development, grassroots mobilization, and political participation. As the only pan-Asian advocacy organization in NC, NCAAT works to engage AAPI communities and prioritizes an intergenerational, intersectional approach to organizing them; we see the need to recognize the many unique lived experiences of the constituency we serve. The AAPI population in NC is incredibly diverse and is one of our fastest-growing racial groups, from over 20 different countries, speaking over 40 different languages.



Martinez Street Women’s Center

The Martinez Street Women’s Center provides transformative community health services, youth development programs and advocacy opportunities that empower women and girls of color. We envision a world where all women and girls are empowered to transform themselves, their families, and their communities.



MOVE Texas

MOVE Texas is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization building power in underrepresented youth communities through voter mobilization, leadership development, and issue advocacy. We work all year every year to engage young people with the issues that matter most to them and ensure their voices are heard especially when it comes to issues like climate change, criminal justice reform, economic justice, and voting rights.



North Carolina Council of Churches

The North Carolina Council of Churches is a statewide ecuminical organization, reaching 18 denominations and 6,200 congregations. In our 85-year history, voting rights, voter education, and voter mobilization have been paramount. We are currently engaged in efforts to clarify for all voters the many avenues available to them in N.C. for registering to vote and casting a ballot. Knowing that the outcome of the 2020 election will set the course on climate change for years to come, the Council is working through all its program areas to help all voters recognize the importance of this election.



Northern Arizona Interfaith Council

NAIC builds civic leadership and power across lines of race, class, age, and religion to organize for the common good. NAIC is a non-partisan coalition of institutions in Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott, with three basic goals: To build relationships based on trust and a willingness to listen to each other. To equip our members and leadership with skills and practices to get results. To achieve change on concrete issues, as part of our common call to justice. NAIC is funded by its member institutions and private financial support and accepts no funding from governmental or partisan political sources.



Our Climate

Our Climate empowers young leaders to advocate for science-based and equitable climate solutions that build a livable world. Young people are overwhelmingly supportive of climate action and eager to work for an equitable transition to clean energy; over the past year, millions of students across the world have taken to the streets to demand action from elected officials. Our Climate provides these rising leaders with the education, tools, and experience to advocate for concrete policy solutions to mitigate the climate crisis and protect our shared future.



Philly Thrive South

Since our founding in 2015, Philly Thrive has been focused on winning a transition of PES, the largest oil refinery on East Coast, which polluted South Philly communities for 157 years and was responsible for over 50% of the toxic air emissions in Philadelphia, leading to a childhood asthma rate that is 2-3 times the national average. This February, through our people power, we won an end to pollution from the PES refinery.



Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) works every day to educate and empower students, build community, and inspire action to create a more just, resilient, and environmentally sustainable region. Founded in 2006 with the first Piedmont Earth Day Fair, PEA is building a community of environmental stewards and climate leaders through our innovative education programs, annual events, partnerships, and advocacy work focused in North Carolina’s Piedmont region.




Rise is a student-led nonprofit organization advocating for free college and mobilizing young voters. Since 2017, Rise has led winning student advocacy campaigns for free community college, to stop tuition hikes, and mobilize student voters. In 2020, Rise is mobilizing more than 100,000 college students and young voters with a focus on statewide organizing programs in California, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.



Sierra Club Georgia

The Sierra Club Georgia Chapter is the largest grassroots environmental organization in Georgia with over 70,000 members and supporters. Through our political program we endorse and help elect pro-environment candidates to state and local office by mobilizing our members, supporters and climate voters around Georgia.


South Georgia Voters’ League

Sisters in Service of SWGA collaborates with local non-profit partners serving rural communities in the Southwest Georgia area. We are innovative through our Voter Registration Drive-By’s method of outreach across HD-138 and HD-151 rural counties in Georgia. Fostering youth empowerment with high school and collegiate students in academic excellence, voter empowerment, and healthy eco-friendly practices. We are driven with urgency while increasing underrepresented voter turnout in rural Southwest Georgia. We invest and leverage young voters to cultivate a new culture through the next generation of leaders in our community. We are shifting the climate.


Tucson Climate Jubilee

Climate Jubilee is a grassroots, community-led collective focused on facilitating a paradigm shift within Arizona residents in their perception of the Climate Crisis. When we realized there wasn’t space at the table for our voices, we built a new one, a bigger one. We are a group of millennial scientists, organizers, teachers, and community members who aim to create space for youth and BIPOC voices to learn about and get involved in the environmental issues that affect us the most. Our mission is to advance an intersectional movement that challenges the status-quo narratives about climate change we’ve heard in Arizona.


Vote Common Good

We at Vote Common Good inspire, energize, and mobilize people of faith to make the common good their voting criteria and to pursue faith, hope, & love for a change on election day 2020 and prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. Many Christian voters now recognize that their faith calls them to oppose the policies and approaches of the Trump administration. For these voters, their primary commitment is not to switch parties, but rather to be faithful to their beliefs and convictions and to make the common good their voting criteria.



Wisconsin Conservation Voters

Wisconsin Conservation Voters engages voters to protect Wisconsin’s environment. To achieve that, WCV advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, holds elected officials accountable for their votes and actions, and elects pro-conservation candidates who will champion our priority issues.


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Clean and Prosperous America is both a 501.c4 and a Political Action Committee located in Seattle, WA.