Democracy North Carolina


Organization Name Democracy North Carolina
Initial Tier Ranking 1
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap $60,000
c3 Voter Registration Gap $60,000
c4 Voter Registration Gap N/A
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 11/15/2023 10:41:10
Program Summary Through partnerships with local organizations and community leaders, mobile registration sites will be set up at local events, markets and gathering spots. They will also partner with HBCUs and community colleges and conduct relational organizing.
Program States NC
Program States old NC
Cost per VR card We plan to register 10,000 voters directly with another 10,000 registered in collaboration with our community partners – $100,000/20,-000 voters equal $5 per registration.
Reported Cost per VR Card $5.00
Cost-card believability
CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card Program costs divided by VR goal. Seems that staffing costs were included though not overhead.
Estimated Cost per VR Card $5
Adjustment made for cost-card
RYVF Overlay BIPOC, Black, Youth, Rural
RYVF Score 3
Pooled Grant Givers Movement Voter Project, Way 2 Win
Organization’s Legal Status
2022 or 2023 Expenses
2024 Budgets
Organization Mission Statement To strengthen democratic structures, build power among disenfranchised communities, and inspire confidence in a transformed political process that works for all.
Organization Leadership Black-led, BIPOC-led, Women-led
Lead Contact Name Shannon Heck
Lead Contact Title Development Director
Lead Contact Email
Lead Contact Phone 9199087915
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns she/her
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program Black, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People Of Color), Youth and Students (aged 15-35)
Issue Focus Pro-Democracy, health care autonomy, building local political power, economy and housing
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards Democracy North Carolina has been organizing and mobilizing voters in North Carolina for more than 30 years. Our team of Regional Managing Organizers have deep roots in the communities that they organize and are committed to building relationships. Democracy NC works to understand the unique challenges faced by communities who have faced obstacles to voting. Here are some tactics that we plan to utilize in 2024:Community Partnerships: Collaborate with local organizations and community leaders who are already trusted within these communities. Faith ambassadors, local businesses, and Divine 9 groups are key partners in reaching out to potential voters. Cultural Competence: Our team is culturally competent and includes members who either come from or are familiar with the communities we are trying to reach. Education and Information: Democracy NC provides clear and accessible information about the voting process, including registration deadlines, ID requirements, and polling locations. Misinformation and confusion about these details can be a significant barrier. Mobile Registration Drives: Since transportation can be a challenge in rural areas, Democracy NC partners with local organizations to offer mobile registration units that go to the voters, setting up at local events, markets, or popular gathering spots. Language Accessibility: Democracy NC provides materials and assistance in Spanish and English. Youth Engagement: Engage with young adults who can be influential within their families and communities. This includes partnerships with community colleges and HBCUs. Digital Campaigns: Utilize social media and digital tools to reach younger voters and those who are more digitally connected, Addressing Voter Suppression: Democracy NC actively works to combat voter suppression tactics that disproportionately affect black and brown communities, such as stringent ID laws and reduced polling locations. Personalized Outreach: Door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and personalized text messages are all components of our outreach strategy.
Geographic Focus Rural, Suburban / Ex-urban, Small city (<100k), Urban - Large city (>100k)
Jurisdictional Focus Our program is statewide.
Program Budgets Total NC -Statewide
Relational organizing -$25,000
Tabling and regrants to grassroots organization – $50,000
Mailers and digital media materials – $25,000
Total: $100,000
Budget gaps Total NC Statewide Gaps: C3 Entitiy – $60,000
Partnerships Church groups, Divine 9 organizations, NPVE sites, and local chapters of the NAACP
Follow up call requested?
Follow up questions Please provide additional informaton on regrants you would offer partners. Who would these grants go to and what would that process look like? We are especially interested to know if regranting organizations will be required to report their VR numbers.
Question Sent Date January 19th, 2024
Question Response Democracy NC has established clear protocols for regranting funds aimed at increasing potential voter contacts and registrations. Democracy NC enters into MOUs with identified grassroots community organizations and non-profits (i.e. local chapters of Divine Nine organizations, chapters of community groups, and Faith Ambassadors) which establish clear goals for voter registrations. Our Regional Managing Organizers collaborate with grantee partners to collect data about each voter interaction including the number of completed voter registrations. Democracy NC provides comprehensive non partisan voter guides and other educational resources – both digital and print – to establish connections between voting and local issues of significance to community members. Democracy NC seeks quarterly reports from our grantees. Also, would it be possible for me to receive a completed copy of our submission? I have the individual answers but since it was submitted as a google form, I do not have a copy of the final application.
Response Date January 19th, 2024
Org Type 1 2
Org Size 1 3
Program Impact 1 1
Program Efficiency 1 1
Leadership & engagement 1
Ideological Targeting 1 1
Creative 1 1
Impact of previous Voter Registration programs
How many voter registration cards does your organization plan to collect in 2024
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RDI c4 Awards (as of 2/28)
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