Mobilizing Voters to Power a Clean Economy


discovers and nurtures promising, community-driven organizations at the local level with the potential to sustain voter engagement longevity.


identifies and supports grassroots groups committed to reaching young voters in small towns, sparse suburbs, and open country with an express focus on engaging young voters of color.

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We believe that stubborn adherence to old technologies and fossil fuels is accelerating climate change and restricting economic growth. With the right leadership at local and national levels, we know it’s possible to  achieve net-zero carbon emissions while building a healthy and sustainable economy.

Two Funds • One Goal • Net Zero

Community Oriented Grant Giving

Nothing is more effective at mobilizing voters than personal outreach from trusted community members. We prioritize supporting grassroots organizations doing direct voter engagement in strategically-targeted geographies. Thanks to a bequest from our founder, donors pay no overhead or fiscal fees, meaning 100% of your resources go to our grantees.

1 Vote Counts

“As a small civic engagement organization working at the forefront of judicial change, partnering with funders who value the participatory approach is crucial. CAPA not only works closely with their partners, they also listen to partners. 1 Vote Counts has grown through CAPA’s collaborative methodology where national organizations small, medium, and large have an opportunity to network, grow, and learn from one another. CAPA also has done an exceptional job in eliminating cumbersome, traditional barriers and simplifying the application process for organizations. CAPA is a leader in positioning civic engagement organizations to increase their reach, build their base and amplify their impact.”


“SOWEGA Rising is grateful to be in community with Clean and Prosperous America. They truly embody what funders should, reaching down into rural areas and helping small to mid sized organizations like ours build capacity through sustainable, ‘no strings attached’ funding when others may not take the chance to invest in our work. We are hyper local and take time to build deep connections in the community we serve, that’s where our voter engagement success lies. Clean and Prosperous America gets this and champions our work to their funding partners in ways we never could.”

North Carolina Asian Americans Together

CaPA’s support has enabled NCAAT to support youth-led organizing activities from phone and text banks that have mobilized 21,860 young people to vote, to social media outreach and campaigns that have generated 9,800 engagements. CaPA’s support has enabled us to provide an enriching experience for interns and youth networks this year.”

Tucson Climate Jubilee

CAPA’s grant support, both monetarily and through messaging resources, crucially assisted Tucson Climate Jubilee in understanding motivating messaging for young people in Arizona, and subsequently activating suburban, rural, and indigenous youth voters through text messaging campaigns and direct mutual aid. CAPA’s support also helped our members understand direct contact tools and learn more about the data collection process.”

Forward Montana

“Because of CaPA funding, Forward Montana hired a team of six organizers who assisted in calling and texting over 70,000 young Montanans. This addition of a Get Out The Vote team was a “first” for our organization and allowed us to expand our reach to every county in Montana.”

Piedmont Environmental Alliance

CaPA’s support was instrumental to Piedmont Environmental Alliance’s new voter education and mobilization programs this year and helped lay the groundwork for our strategic expansion into the advocacy realm. We also learned from the other CaPA grant recipients and CaPA staff about creative, new tactics to mobilize voters and action.”

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

“CaPA’s support allowed ITCA to conduct trainings and webinars for tribal youth councils across Arizona that provided the knowledge and skills to conduct civic engagement efforts in their communities. With these webinars, tribal youth councils have additional tools to help them organize campaigns specific to their communities.”


“CaPA’s grant added additional capacity to our existing programs by enabling us to expand the number of hours our student organizers were working in key demographics. Specifically, it allowed us to offer unlimited working hours to our student organizers during Get Out The Vote. This enabled them to participate in both election protection programs, and Get Out The Vote ‘chase’ programs.” 

Philly Neighborhood Networks

“We really enjoyed working with CaPA. They provided us with sufficient guidance to assure the project delivered the desired results, while also giving us the empowerment that allows for creative approaches to solving problems.”

Freedom ROC

“Working with CaPA has been a pleasure! Being in partnership with a funder who not only is enthusiastic about voter registration but also deems voter education as important and funds community civic engagement which allows us to truly make a lasting impact in the most disadvantaged communities.”

Atlanta GLOW

“Atlanta GLOW cherishes the productive partnership we have had with CaPA. The financial support, learning opportunities and peer collaboration provided through CaPA have catalyzed our efforts to mobilize young voices in the electoral process. We are deeply grateful for CaPA’s continued support, which has empowered us to nurture a culture of civic engagement and drive positive change within our community.”

North Carolina Asian Americans Together 

“NCAAT is committed to civic engagement activities that ensure the continuation of an inclusive democratic process, and we are deeply grateful to CaPA for support which has allowed us to continue building power for Asian Americans through culturally competent engagement, voter registration, voter education, and multilingual outreach.

Krimson PAC

“The experience that the Krimson PAC has encountered is nothing less than exceptional. The entire team has made the application, awarding and reporting process seamless. It’s partnerships like these that allow the Krimson PAC to grow our brand and reach in the communities we serve.  Thank you so much for your support to further align with our goal of “creating a well-defined brand identity and strategy.”