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Climate pollution harms the environment and the economy — and young people will bear the greatest burden of the impacts. Clean and Prosperous America’s mission is to unite our country in support of economic growth policies that enhance the health and safety of our citizens and the environment. Today’s challenges show that a healthy environment is essential to economic growth. Beyond the pandemic, stubborn adherence to old technologies and fossil fuels is accelerating climate change and restricting economic growth. CaPA intends to change that. That’s why we are making young peoples’ voices heard in the 2020 election.


We believe that a future with a healthy climate and a future with a healthy economy are not mutually exclusive. With the right leadership at local and national levels, we believe it’s possible to achieve net-zero carbon emissions while building a healthy and sustainable economy.

NGO Collaborators

CaPA is actively collaborating with these large, strategically important, organizations as part of our effort to get the young voters more civically engaged in 2020 and environmental policies adopted in 2021.

Grassroots Partners

In April and May, CaPA awarded grants to grassroots organizations mobilizing youth to vote. CaPA deployed a second round of support and grantmaking in August to groups engaging young people in the political process in key states. With funding from CaPA, our grantees are mobilizing youth through various avenues: direct climate education, civic leadership, engagement campaigns, and much more.

Chispa AZ

“CaPA has supported Chispa Arizona as we seed investment to grow digital organizing, training, and tools in the time of COVID-19. As a direct result of this support, we are hiring a coach for our digital organizing staff to receive one-to-one mentorship on EveryAction. Building familiarity with our new CRM database tool will help us grow our movement exponentially, in a critical year for our state. We appreciate the support.”


CaPA has allowed COPAL to scale up our voter engagement efforts within Minnesota’s Latinx community. Since joining in a relationship with CAPA, we have recruited a new Democracy & Environment Fellow to assist with the production of voter outreach materials, including an updated web portal and a vote by mail pamphlet. We have also begun working with a designer who will allow us to produce visuals rooted in our community’s experience and issues.”

Environment North Carolina

CaPA’s support is making it possible for us to equip over twenty young climate activists with the tools they need to be change-makers in their communities and also help them create tangible results this summer — such as media coverage, meetings with decision-makers, and cross-state collaboration with other activists.”

Our Climate

“CaPA’s support will allow our team to have centralized tools to carry out our voter registration activities across multiple states — this will be a huge support as it frees up capacity otherwise used to clean up data. Additionally, the network model of support allows us to connect with other organizations working to pass science-based and equitable climate policy across the country.

Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania

Thanks to the generous support from Clean and Prosperous America, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania has acquired a peer-to-peer texting platform which will allow us to expand our communications about the importance of climate change in the upcoming 2020 elections to a younger and more diverse audience.”

Engage Miami

“Engage Miami’s Young People’s Policy Priorities (YPPP) makes clear the impact of climate change and how we can continue to raise our voices to achieve climate justice. With the support of CaPA, we have created a YPPP website, video and brought on a YPPP Fellow who will work specifically on climate change issues, collect pledges of support, and engage young people to turn out for our local and national elections this August and November.

Climate Cabinet

Looking for district-specific climate and clean energy info that you can share with political campaigns and legislators? Check out Climate Cabinet’s advocacy toolkit!


Youth Toolkit

CaPA’s Youth Toolkit, available to our grantees and others, contains youth-oriented messaging guidance, digital organizing platforms, vote by mail engagement, and social media tools. CaPA is also interviewing, coaching, and identifying resource gaps our grantees are facing. Young voters will be decisive in the 2020 elections so CaPA is expanding its support to all types of grassroots organizations focused on youth voter engagement.

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