Protect the Sacred


Organization Name Protect the Sacred
Initial Tier Ranking 2
Priority Tier 1
Total Budget Gap $95,000
c3 Voter Registration Gap $95,000
c4 Voter Registration Gap N/A
PAC Voter Registration Gap
Date of Submission 11/15/2023 18:59:53
Program Summary Holding voter registration drives at cultural events (skateboarding, horseback riding, rodeos, bike riding, etc.) and running digital campaigns that prioritize registration of people in rural communities within tribal nations
Program States AZ
Program States old Arizona
Cost per VR card $87.50
Reported Cost per VR Card $87.50
Cost-card believability
CaPA Notes on Reported Cost per Card In their response to our follow-up email, they adjusted their estimated number (which was considerably higher) and said it includes overhead, travel, etc.
Estimated Cost per VR Card $78.75
Adjustment made for cost-card
RYVF Overlay BIPOC, Youth, Rural, Native
RYVF Score 3
Pooled Grant Givers Movement Voter Project
Organization’s Legal Status
2022 or 2023 Expenses
2024 Budgets
Organization Mission Statement We educate and empower the next generation of leaders and allies to use transformative storytelling and community building to strengthen Indigenous sovereignty and protect Indigenous elders, languages, and medicine ways.
Organization Leadership BIPOC-led, Women-led, Youth-led (aged 15-35)
Lead Contact Name Allie Young
Lead Contact Title Director
Lead Contact Email
Lead Contact Phone 5052151157
Email Address-other
Lead Contact Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Core Constituencies engaged in VR program Native American/Indigenous, Women, Youth and Students (aged 15-35)
Issue Focus Native Youth/Young Voters, Native American Voting Rights, Climate/Environmental Justice, Reproductive Justice, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/Girls/Relatives, Native American Subcultures (skate culture, cowboy culture, etc.) to celebrate Native diversity
Tactics for collecting voter registration cards We plan to deploy cultural activations (skateboarding voter registration events, horseback riding and rodeo voter registration events, bike riding voter registration events), artist and influencer engagement (concert voter registration events, zoom/online conversations with artists like Mark Ruffalo and Piper Perabo with information on how the Native community can register to vote), and digital campaigns (original video content creation that provides voter registration information like locations, dates, and websites).
Geographic Focus Rural, Small city (<100k)
Jurisdictional Focus We will be organizing in Navajo Nation and several other Native American tribes in Arizona (Apache, Hopi, Tohono Oodham). Our priority is rural communities within these tribal nations who have difficulty traveling to Phoenix and larger cities, so our goal is to bring these voter registration and voter education events to them. As for counties, we’ll be focused on Apache County, Navajo County, Coconino County, and Gila County.
Program Budgets c3 entity (County/City + Tactical Break Down):
Apache County, AZ: $75k [tactics: $50k events, $15k relational, $10k video production for PSAs & social media distribution]
Navajo County, AZ: $100k [tactics: $75k events, $15k relational, $10k video production for PSAs & social media distribution]
Coconino County, AZ: $30k [tactics: $20k events, $5k relational, $5k video production for PSAs & social media distribution]
Gila County, AZ: $30k [tactics: $20k events, $5k relational, $5k video production for PSAs & social media distribution]

Total AZ Statewide:
c3 entity – $235k

Budget gaps c3 entity gaps – Apache County, AZ: $25k; Navajo County, AZ: $50k; Coconino County, AZ: $10k; Gila County, AZ: $10k – Total AZ Statewide gaps / c3 entity: $95k
Partnerships Arizona Native Vote, Native Organizers Alliance, Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, IllumiNative, NDN Collective, Navajo Hopi Covid Relief Fund, CORE, When We All Vote, Movement Voter Project, One Arizona,
Follow up call requested?
Follow up questions Please confirm your anticipated cost per voter registration card. The number included in the proposal was quite high and the calculation did not reflect the overall program budget that had been shared earlier.
Question Sent Date January 19th, 2024
Question Response Thank you for bringing this to my attention. After looking back and reviewing what I submitted, you’re absolutely right – I miscalculated as I was using my overall budget and not all of our activations/events planned this year are for voter registration.

My updated calculation is $87.5/Completed VR card ($105,000/1,200), including overhead, staffing, hosting our events in hard-to-reach/rural communities, and tracking social media and earned media impressions as our content captured from each event will be used to create digital content for social media with links to our voter registration site. We’re hosting five voter registration events – two large-scale events and three smaller-scale events. Each of these events will take place in rural/hard-to-reach Native American communities in Arizona, in remote regions where voter registration events are rare and hard to host production-wise considering the accommodations and travel for speakers and artists, and renting/hauling large equipment like staging to rural communities. In the past, our production costs for hosting our voter registration activations in rural communities has been the highest cost in our budgets because of logistics such as having to rent equipment from vendors that are two hours away from the event site and each of our speakers and performers having to rent cars and drive in from airports that our 2+ hours away. Our goal is to bring these types of engaging events that happen often in larger cities like Phoenix, to rural Native communities on reservations to focus on and register hard-to-reach voters. Turnout isn’t as much as it would be in cities but getting a few hundred out in rural regions is a huge win, which is why our goal is to make our events larger, more fun and engaging this year, to attract a greater turnout compared to previous years.

Response Date January 26th, 2024
Org Type 1 2
Org Size 1 1.5
Program Impact 1 1.5
Program Efficiency 1 3
Leadership & engagement 1
Ideological Targeting 1 2
Creative 1 1.5
Impact of previous Voter Registration programs
How many voter registration cards does your organization plan to collect in 2024
RDI c3 Awards
RDI c4 Awards (as of 2/28)
After AQ first2
last 2 confidential