Clean and Prosperous America PAC

Fundraising Drive

CaPA is raising money to expand our youth civic engagement public relations effort from North Carolina to Georgia and to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant work to be launched in the Georgia post-presidential election to increase youth turn-out in the important Georgia Senate run-off race(s).

Watch this webinar featuring Simon Rosenberg from New Democrat Network showing how Clean and Prosperous America supports small grassroots organizations with financial and organizing resources.

6:21 – Summary of research and targeting by Bill McClain
9:35 – Our network of youth organizations and grants by Emilia Jones
17:01 – Founder of New Democrat Network, Simon Rosenberg
26:34 – President of EDF Action, Joe Bonfiglio

Introduction: Georgia Senate Fund

CaPA is funding and supporting grassroots organizations mobilizing young people to vote for climate-friendly candidates in the January 5th Senate run-off race in Georgia. CaPA supplies training, toolkits, curated content, and funding to boost the power of these passionate changemakers. A new generation of voters, leaders, and advocates must lead America towards a clean and prosperous future. Your support can bring us one step closer to making that future a reality by enhancing the power and reach of grassroots groups in Georgia. CaPA has learned how to impact youth turn-out. Now we are actively looking to expand our presence and impact in Georgia so on the ground organizing is in place and ready to impact these critical post-election day races.

Donations can be mailed to:

Clean and Prosperous America PAC
430 Friday Avenue
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

If you would like to support 501(c)(3) grantees and take advantage of the tax deduction benefits, please donate to our c3 fiscal sponsor the Washington Business Alliance Fund to support their tax-deductible grantee fundraising drive informed by CaPA’s grant review process.

Want to learn more about how Clean and Prosperous America, separate from this grant-giving fundraising effort, is also advancing a national research effort focused on Ambivalent Young Voters – Read our Candidate Playbook or watch our recent polling briefing here.

EDF’s Fundraising Match

Thank You to the Environmental Defense Fund for matching $100,000 in donations towards our grantee program. And thank you to our donors for successfully closing out this match allowing a full $200k to be deployed to grantees focused on peer to peer contacts and relational organizing. In total CaPA has invested over one million dollars into grantees and research efforts this election cycle.

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Clean and Prosperous America is both a 501.c4 and a Political Action Committee located in Seattle, WA.