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Two opportunities to make an impact

They say that “Time is money”, but as a donor you may wonder which is better – Early money or late money? Our experience shows that both are essential. Early money works to register voters, strengthen grassroots organizations, and build momentum and capacity for electoral success.

The Rural Youth Voter Fund is a year-round power-building effort in collaboration with the Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) and Movement Voter Project (MVP).

Because increased representation of young voters of color in small towns and rural areas is so important, and because it’s proven that local community organizations are  most effective at reaching these voters, the Rural Youth Voter Fund identifies and supports the most creative and committed grassroots groups — high-potential groups that are often under-the-radar and under-funded.

One such group is Get Out The Native Vote, which provided stipends, materials, and training to Native Alaskan youth organizers who worked in ten rural Alaskan communities to register their neighbors and turn-out the vote for Mary Peltola, the first Alaska Native member of congress, and first woman to represent Alaska in the House.

Late money works too, but only if quickly and properly deployed. Too often, donors motivated by October headlines rush dollars into saturated social media, expensive ad buys, and candidate campaigns (which in turn purchase ads). Post-election analyses show this is inefficient and ineffective. 

CaPA’s Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund moves money fast to direct voter engagement programs that can make the difference between victory and defeat in the tightest races.

During the final weeks of the election season, we use deep, daily analysis of polling to find the best opportunities for late-money deployment. We stay in constant contact with the leaders of grassroots organizations that have teams ready, and programs proven, to identify where funds are needed and can be most effectively deployed.


For donors who don’t want their funds wasted, CaPA provides direct donation advice free of charge, and donation pooling free of fiscal fees and overhead cost. This is a unique service that fills an unmet need.

Rides to the polls, campus events, relational texting, phone-banking, and ballot curing are other cost-effective tactics we fund during the final weeks of the campaign. The efficiency of this work is further boosted by publicly-released voter files that allow organizers to scrub early voters from their target lists.  

Your 2023 donations here will be routed to groups benefiting the 2023 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Race, Protecting the Virginia State Senate, and fighting back against a potential supermajority trifecta in Louisiana that would grave constitutional consequences.

Use the memo field to specify any geographic restrictions on your gift

Use the memo field to specify any geographic restrictions on your gift

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