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Rural Youth Voter Fund

Because increased representation of young voters of color in small towns and rural areas is so important, and because it’s proven that local community organizations are most effective at reaching these voters, the Rural Youth Voter Fund identifies and supports the most creative and committed grassroots groups — high-potential groups that are often under-the-radar and under-funded.

The Rural Youth Voter Fund, is a year-round power-building effort in collaboration with the Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) and Movement Voter Project (MVP). The Rural Youth Voter Fund supports community-rooted organizing groups focused on engaging young voters, especially young voters of color, while developing leaders and youth power in strategically important small towns and rural areas. Activating these young voters has represented the decisive margin in many close elections. 

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501(c)4 contributions to the Rural Youth Voter Fund are the most helpful, but we can also put to work tax-deductible c3 contributions for registration drives and other non-political work. Please visit this page if you would prefer to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Please note that a contribution to a 501(c)(4) is not tax deductible.

Your generous contribution makes this work possible. By investing now in this “off” election year, our youth-focused grantee network can engage and turn-out rural youth to help change national, statewide, and local outcomes in 2023, build critical momentum for 2024, and develop the electoral power of this critical cohort for years to come.

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