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Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund

CaPA’s Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund moves money fast to direct voter engagement programs that can make the difference between victory and defeat in the tightest races.

Early in the election cycle CaPA focuses on funding the most economically efficient and effective voter registration programs within the most important battleground States. These programs which can often be funded with tax deductible dollars have been shown by randomized control trials to be one of the most cost effective ways to boost participation among likely Democratic voters.

During the final weeks of the election season, we use deep, daily analysis of polling to find the best opportunities for late-money deployment. We stay in constant contact with the leaders of grassroots organizations that have teams ready, and programs proven, to identify where funds are needed and can be most effectively deployed.

For donors who don’t want their funds wasted, CaPA provides direct donation advice free of charge, and donation pooling free of fiscal fees and overhead cost. This is a unique service that fills an unmet need.

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The most impactful dollars you can give for influencing elections are to Clean & Prosperous America PAC (CaPA-PAC) which can spend 100% of its resources on political activities. Use this page to send funds to CaPA-PAC using your credit card. For larger contributions please contact for wire instructions or 

Make Checks Out to “Clean & Prosperous America PAC”
and mail to Clean & Prosperous America PAC
PO Box 21961
Seattle, WA 98111

However, if you are sensitive to your name being disclosed on our year-end 990 report to the IRS, in the same way it is when you donate directly to a candidate campaign, we can also accept contributions into our 501(c)4 Clean & Prosperous America which does not require donor disclosure. The downside of giving to any c4 is that over 50% of their annual expenditures need to go to primary purpose non political activities. 

Make Checks out to our 501(c)4 “Clean & Prosperous America”
and mail to Clean & Prosperous America
PO Box 21961
Seattle, WA 98111 

Contact for wire instructions. Clean & Prosperous America can also receive stock contributions into our 501(c)4 which may allow you to avoid paying the capital gains associated with liquidating your appreciated stocks. For more information on donating stocks contact

If you would like to contribute tax-deductible funds for non-political electoral organizing like voter registration efforts and non-partisan GOTV please contribute via
Clean & Prosperous America Education Fund.