Clean and Prosperous America

Candidate Endorsements

Clean & Prosperous America endorsed 49 political candidates for the 2020 elections. Of the 49 candidates in competitive races we endorsed, 26 were successful. These candidates ran for critically important offices in the contested states of North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa and Arizona, where CaPA research pointed to young voter turnout being the potential deciding factor. 

Despite our environmental focus, CaPA did not seek out the greenest candidates on the ballot for state and federal government endorsements. Rather, CaPA endorsed pro-environment candidates in highly competitive districts, typically in non-urban areas, which were poised to win a seat that would increase the chances of environmental policy action in 2021.

CaPA would like to thank the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) for helping identify competitive races for CaPA from which we selected our favorite candidates to endorse.


Here is the list of the 26 down-ballot candidates CaPA endorsed and won in the 2020 election.