Clean and Prosperous America

CaPA Collaborators

Learn why organizations across the nation are partnering with Clean and Prosperous America as we promote youth-led solutions to the climate and the economy.

“Rural Democracy Initiative is excited to provide a grant to CaPA to advance youth civic engagement in rural parts of our country. CaPA’s identification of youth-focused grassroots efforts in non-urban areas, as well as the research they are producing both closely align with RDI’s mission.” — Sarah Jaynes, Rural Democracy Initiative Director. 

“The team at Clean and Prosperous America understands just how important it is to engage young people in our electoral process. That’s why they invested the time and resources in doing the critical long-term research needed and built a youth grassroots grant program to be sure the most innovative on-the-ground groups have the resources to mobilize hard-to-reach young voters. This work, all driven by a pro-climate lens, could make a huge difference in some of the closest races across the country and help move the climate change debate forward even faster.” — Joe Bonfiglio, EDF Action Fund President. 

“Our friends at Clean and Prosperous America (CaPA) have been integral in helping us expand our youth climate and democracy program at scale, empowering us to reach tens of thousands of additional underrepresented youth voters in the places where they could cast deciding ballots. Their unique approach that blends climate advocacy, democracy, and evidenced-based strategic communications tactics is aligned and complementary to our approach and has positioned our organization to maximize our resources across many different proven tactics in this unique moment of racial reckoning, an unprecedented global pandemic, and the exhausting fight to uphold our democracy. We are deeply grateful for the innovative approach, fresh perspective, and collaborative community that CaPA has provided.” — Leah Qusba, ACE Executive Director. 

“By collaborating with the Clean and Prosperous America team, we’re able to grow the number of young North Carolinians we can reach in this critical election year. With so much on the line, CaPA’s focus on some of the voters who are least likely to hear from campaigns, young rural Americans, could be the margin of victory for so many important elections — from the White House to the statehouse. NextGen’s efforts to turn out the youth vote in North Carolina are much stronger now that we’ve teamed up with CaPA” — Ben Wessel, NextGen America Executive Director 

“With the generous support of Clean and Prosperous America (CaPA), Generation Progress Action has developed partnerships with young people who are now using their significant social media platforms to engage their peers — other young potential voters — around the issue of climate change. We have also coordinated with CaPA to fine-tune our analysis of young voter data and shift the public narrative about the active, powerful, and motivated voting constituency that young people represent. We deeply appreciate the valuable support and insight that the CaPA team has provided, and look forward to our continued partnership.” — Brent J. Cohen, Generation Progress, Executive Director