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Young Voter Research: National

2020 Young Voter Research

Speaking to Ambivalent Young Voters

September, 2019 → September, 2020 — National Research

To boost the prospects of forward-thinking politicians up and down the ballot, in 2020 CaPA conducted a multi-month quantitative and qualitative research endeavor focused on messaging themes that can engage a cohort of largely untapped voters living in non-urban areas that we call the “Ambivalent Young Voters.” This research included two 2020 nationwide surveys, a swing state survey, and a series of four in-person focus groups, with a cumulative sample size of over 4,200 young voters.

These eligible voters are generally disinterested in politics and unmotivated to vote, but CaPA identified an assortment of issues that appeal to this demographic and motivate them to vote. Winning their support can make the difference in close races while also establishing long-term ideological support among early and first-time voters.

If you are interested in learning more about these themes and operationalizing them in the field, please request a meeting to discuss the Candidate Playbook by sending an email to

CaPA’s initial findings are summarized in this publication of the Candidate Playbook and later updated in the September, 2020 Poll Briefing Deck