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Targeted Voter Engagement Guides

CaPA has conducted a multi-hundred thousand dollar qualitative and quantitative evaluation of voters under the age of 40 living in non-urban areas, focused specifically on an undecided and disengaged majority who we call “Ambivalent Young Voters.”

These eligible voters are very different from the engaged youth working in CaPA’s grantee program. However, CaPA believes these 30 million young voters in non-urban areas represent the majority needed to enact real change in American politics — especially when it comes to climate issues. That’s why we want to help you successfully engage this critical audience.

You can read the professional summary of CaPA’s research on and tips for engaging this cohort by reviewing this short ten-page guide.

Ten pages too long? We’ve got you covered. Below is a condensed, mobile-friendly, field reference designed to remind volunteers of themes to emphasize and avoid during text, phone-call, and in-person outreach.

You can also watch this 10 minute Video Briefing with CaPA’s Research and Marketing Director Bill McClain and/or review the briefing deck at your own pace.

If you are interested in learning more about these themes and operationalizing them in the field, please request a meeting to discuss the Candidate Playbook by sending an email to: