Safe and Effective Protesting Guide

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Safe and Effective Protesting Guide

“People can defend our democracy. Nonviolent mass protests have stopped coups in other places, and we may have to do the same in this country… Refusal looks like millions of people using nonviolent tools to delegitimize the coup by demonstrating, resisting orders, and shutting down the country until democracy prevails.” – Choose Democracy

Safe protesting: 

Step 1: Be COVID safe by wearing masks, bringing hand cleaner, and practicing social distancing.

Step 2: Set up meeting places and make sure everyone has a buddy or point of contact.

Step 3: Go over this general protest preparation worksheet from Protect the Results.

Dealing with police: 

Step 1: Know your rights. Your state’s ACLU will have additional information specific to your state.

Step 2: Know what to do if you have an encounter with the police and get a lawyer’s phone number in advance. Many National Lawyers Guild chapters operate Legal Support Hotlines.

Step 3: Be prepared to deal with violent tactics used by the police such as chemical weapons.

Dealing with militias or disruptive elements: 

Step 1: Read this guide for suggestions on identifying and filming disruptive elements and learn the laws around unauthorized private militias in your state.

Step 2: Find out ahead of time who is managing security at your event and be prepared to contact them if necessary.

Digital and personal privacy:

Consider downloading Signal to send messages, encrypting your data, and covering any distinguishing personal features. Learn more.

Getting involved and joining others: 

Protect the Results is a national coalition organizing people around the country to mobilize if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the election.

Sign up to connect with others and get action info with youth-led coalition Count On Us.

Organizing your own event? Review this guide for tips, including timing (do not host events at night), press, recruitment, and coalition building. 

Collection of guides:

Here are several well-researched, info-packed guides and resource sites we recommend for a deeper dive:

Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy – One of the most-referenced guides out there. Step-by-step handbook on how to prepare and what to do in case attempts are made to subvert the election results.

Choose Democracy – Has resources and trainings on defending against a coup and a pledge of resistance if attempts are made to subvert the election.

Waging Nonviolence – News and articles about social movements, including guides and advice for non-violent post-election actions.

EP Scenario Planning Toolkit – Potential post-election scenarios with lots of tools, resources, and relevant organizations for each scenario.

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