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Relational Organizing and Outreach Circle Overview

What is relational organizing?

Relational organizing (or peer to peer organizing) is simply reaching out to someone you know rather than to a stranger about taking an action!

Why is it important?

It’s much more effective and efficient to contact voters who you know personally rather than strangers. Think about it, would you be more likely to donate/register to vote/amplify a message if a stranger using an automated mass texting system asked you to, or if someone you know and trusted asked you? It would be a lot easier to ignore a stranger than to ignore your best friend.

We know that in today’s oversaturated media environment the messenger matters as much (if not more) than the message. Traditional mass phone banking averages only a 3-5 percent contact rate, meaning you could be on the phone for hours and only talk with 10 people. With a limited budget and a short timeline, leveraging existing contacts makes everyone’s time better spent. Peer to peer organizing is most effective for reaching voters on the margins, particularly young, disenfranchised, or those not found on traditional voter databases. These are the kinds of margins that we’ll need to win in Georgia!

How are we doing relational organizing in Georgia?

We’re giving you an app called OutreachCircle. OutreachCircle is a relational organizing tool where friends reach out to friends via email, text, or social media. You can choose to have supporters contact anyone in their network using real time mapping to match their friends against a targeted list, voter file, or membership database. Create custom messages and actions to send to supporters with this personal, versatile, and simple organizing platform. It’s an easy way to recruit, engage, and activate your supporters! We want this to be as easy as possible, which is why our team at CaPA will provide readymade templates, QR codes, instructional guides, and virtual training for all!