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Youth Community-Oriented Campaign

Why Youth Community-Led Engagement is Important

Historically, many political organizations have failed to engage youth living in small towns, suburbs, and rural areas, especially those from marginalized communities. However, community-led organizations have an advantage, and evidence points towards a rising wave of youth engagement and concern. Community-led organizations are best positioned to deliver effective peer-to-peer messaging that will bring young people to the polls and legislatures; especially in battleground states saturated with ad budgets.

Our Grant Giving Program

During the 2020 election, CaPA provided funding and support to 55 community-oriented organizations in 11 battleground states. Utilizing grants from CaPA, our partners engaged youth through direct climate education, civic leadership, outreach campaigns, voter registration, get-out-the-vote drives, and much more. CaPA also provides our partners with a Youth Voting Toolkit and free access to voter outreach, engagement tools, and professionally researched messaging guides for connecting with small town, rural, and suburban youth. With CaPA’s support, youth-led organizations in key battleground states are stronger and more capable of increasing youth turnout this election cycle than ever.

CaPA’s 2020 target map of key battleground states.

How Our Assets Support Grantees

CaPA’s Youth Voting Toolkit provides grantee organizations with researched-backed resources including:

  • Messaging guidance based on research and polling for reaching youth voters in rural and suburban areas
  • Strategic council, including targeting engagement activities on politically nested geographies and matching messaging themes to the audience.
  • Content sharing to boost social media synergy between organizations.
  • Connections with other community-based organizations and donors.
  • Access to resources like relational organizing tools.

CaPA financially supports a broad range of community-based and youth-focused initiatives. CaPA’s monetary support combined with our toolkit and resources sets each of our carefully vetted grantees up for long-term success.